3D Casting

We are delighted to offer our customers this beautiful range of keepsakes. 3D casting is the perfect way to capture every wrinkle & dimple of your baby's hands & feet. Suitable from newborn, you can treasure their tiny fingers & toes forever. That said, there is no upper age limit with casting so if you have older children, siblings, even Grandparents who would like to get involved, we have a 3D casting keepsake to suit everyone.

Appointments take place at our relaxed baby-friendly studio in Cwmbran. For those customers who require a home or hospital visit, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer a mobile service for you.

During your appointment, we will take a 3D mould of your baby's hand or foot. This takes around 2 minutes for each hand and foot and is entirely safe. We will dip your baby's hand or foot into a warm mixture which quickly turns into a rubbery, flexible mould. Your baby's hand or foot is then gently slipped out of the mould. Babies who are sleeping during casting often do not wake as the process is very gentle. We do recommend that babies are happier after feeding / sleeping when they are most comfortable. We can take short breaks if needed for you to feed your baby during our appointment. We have changing facilities.

The material we use is a natural product, made from seaweed, and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

We will chat you through the colour options for your casts and show you the frames available. Every frame is hand-built to fit your child's casts. Prices shown are based on babies but we offer sibling options and casting for older children as well as adults and whole families. If you can't find a price for what you are looking for, please get in touch and we can offer a bespoke casting for you.

Please allow around 45 minutes for your casting appointment. Due to the amount of time we spend making your casts perfect, the end product will take approximately 2 months so please factor this timescale in if you are purchasing a cast as a gift for someone.

Please take a look through the casting options below and if you would like to book a session with us, you can call us on 01633 406406 or send a website enquiry. The studio is open Tuesday to Saturday for browsing if you would like to come and see our sample casts on display before booking your appointment.


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