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LOVE Casting (silver)

Our absolute favourite casting product & currently a best-seller for newborn babies.

We offer the letters and casts in a variety of different colours along with mounts & frames which complement your choice of colour.

Our most popular choice is white frame, silver letters & casts and light grey mount but other mount colours include baby blue, champagne & pink.

An absolute must for teeny babies.  The youngest casts we have done was at 4 days old!  This product works best for babies who are 1 year & under.

We do have a sibling option too where we can substitute the 'O' from the word LOVE with your older child's hand, using baby's feet as the 'V'.  We charge an additional £45 for the older child's hand cast so this makes the total cost of a sibling LOVE cast £184.

Also available for twin babies where we can use one foot from each twin to create the 'V' including both of their names and age underneath.

Price (incl. tax): £ 139.00


This product is only available by booking an appointment.
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