Paw Prints & Keepsakes for Dogs

We capture paw prints from your fur baby to create keepsakes that any dog owner will love.

Doggy outprints really capture the detail of their pads and each individual claw.  They are available as a free-standing plaque or framed.

We are often asked to capture babies and dogs together on the same plaque.  Your prints can be framed with or without a photograph (you supply the photo)

We only take prints from placid dogs.  If your dog is going to be unhappy with a stranger touching them and taking prints, we can provide and prepare the material you need and offer assistance with technique but will ask owners to press the paws into the clay for us.

We also offer paw print jewellery where we will capture your dog's paw print in pure silver.  Necklaces, bracelet charms and cufflinks are available in this unique keepsake range.

If you have any questions about paw print keepsakes, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Booking essential.  Local home & vet surgery visits available for poorly dogs.


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