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Following the wonderful response to our Paint At Home Kits, I am delighted to be able to offer these for sale in our online shop.

There are 3 different Paint At Home Kits to choose from. Pastels (a good choice for girly creations such as unicorns and mermaids) Brights which is a good all rounder and filled with Primary colours and darks which works well for products like our monkey, sloth and penguins.

We always include a pot of white and black paint as these are real staples. Use the white to mix lighter shades and black for darker and details such as eyes.

You can mix these paints to create new colours so don't be afraid to experiment. For instance we don't include orange paint where you already have red and yellow. This maximises the colour pallet available to you.

The paint provided is sufficient to decorate 2 standard sized mugs and 2 of our children's favourites. Pots are resealable so close them up after use and you can go back and forth to your project, taking as much time as you like (one added benefit to doing this from home) - once finished, pop your kit away in a cupboard and keep for your next project. If you have paint left over, you may wish to purchase an additional piece of pottery without having to order another kit.

For larger projects you may wish to order 2 paint at home kits so you have a wider range of colours. Remember you don't need to base colour as our pottery fires a lovely off white colour so for large pieces such as cookie jars and fruit bowls, we would recommend using the paint to focus on your design. If you would like additional paint for large projects, please do let us know and we will be happy to recommend.

Pottery needs to be returned to us for a professionally glazed and fired finish. The studio is open on Wednesdays 2-4pm and Saturdays 11-1pm each week for customers to return their pottery to us.


You can either choose to collect from our studio on a Wednesday or Saturday or, if you'd prefer us to deliver, this is free of charge to Cwmbran and areas within 5 miles of NP44 3JN. A delivery charge of £2.50 will be levied for addresses outside the 5 mile radius but within 10 miles. Our maximum delivery area is 10 miles. After that, we will be able to post your kits to you. A standard £5 charge is levied for postage kits. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT EITHER STUDIO COLLECTION OR ONE OF THE DELIVERY OPTIONS WHEN YOU ORDER. You will find the collection & delivery options at the bottom of our pottery menu.

If you have any questions about kits or are unsure how to order, please drop us an email -

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us x


Products in Online Shop

Pottery - Frog

£ 10.00

Pottery - Sloth

£ 10.00

Pottery - Dragon

£ 10.00

Pottery - Pug

£ 10.00

Pottery - Fox

£ 10.00

Pottery - Cat

£ 10.00

Pottery - Turtle

£ 10.00

Pottery - Snake

£ 15.00

Large Bunny

£ 16.00

Pottery - Fairy

£ 12.00

Mermaid Mug

£ 15.00

Pottery - Clock

£ 35.00