Fingerprint, Handprint & Footprint Jewellery

Keep your loved ones close with our special range of silver jewellery. We capture fingerprints, handprints, footprints & even paw prints in a range of silver necklaces, bracelet charms, tags and cufflinks.

Using a special silicon compound, we create a mould of your child's fingerprint or in the case of hands, feet & paws, we use a special inkless system to capture the prints. We can either see you at our studio or, if you are unable to get to us, we can supply an easy to follow kit where you take the prints and post them back to us so that we can make your jewellery. To book an appointment or order a kit please contact us at the studio either by phone (01633 406406) or email -

Our jewellery is created using pure silver (99%) and sterling silver (92.5%)


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