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Hand Clasps

Hand clasps are a fantastic way to capture the love between parents & their children whether they are adults or youngsters.

We do recommend waiting until your child is at least 3 years old before attempting a 'holding hands clasp' because there is an element of instruction and 'holding very still' required.  Younger children can be cast alone but as part of a larger piece, it can be pretty unsuccessful as the smallest ends up being hidden inside the other hands.


One adult & one child (under 12) - £95

Two children (both over 3 but under 12) - £95

Two adults (or children both over 12) - £105

Two adults & one child - £120

Two adults & two children - £160

Two adults & three children - COMING SOON

For those who are too poorly or frail to visit us at the studio, Home, Hospital & Nursing Home Visits can be arranged - please contact Ceri to discuss and she will do her very best to make arrangements as quickly as possible to come and see you at a place that is most comfortable for you. 

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