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'Splodge' Mug

If you've ever let a toddler loose with paints & a brush expecting them to create the perfect gift, you have probably been a bit disappointed with the results. They usually end up eating half of the paint and creating a beautiful shade of brown by mixing all the colours together. We've come up with a solution whereby your toddler can create a lovely pottery gift to be proud of. Order one of these square sided mugs and we will contact you within 24 hours to find out what word you would like to appear on your mug. We will cut your vinyl letters and stick them to the mug so you are ready to start painting as soon as you collect from us. For older children they may just love to use the letters as a guide and create designs around them. Lots of customers struggle with adding personalisation so this is a great solution for anyone who would like to create a special gift. We can size the letters to fit any project so if you are looking for something other than a mug, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Splodge kits include: Your mug, your name / word cut in vinyl and placed on the mug, 2 large round sponges for splodging and 4 ceramic underglaze colours (we will ask you for these when we contact you about your letters) - professional glazing & firing is also included. You will need to return your mug to us after painting for the mug to be useable, food safe and watertight.

Price (incl. tax): £ 15.00