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Rainbow Foam Clay Dragon

Foam Clay is an air-dry, self hardening, mixable, modelling material with small beads which is great for kids crafts. It dries at room temperature with a foam-like surface and has a coarse texture, so it can easily stick to various materials such as papier-mâché and ceramics or wood.

In this kit you will get:

1 Piece of pottery:

6 x 14g Foam Clay packs in red, yellow, blue, green, purple & orange:

1 Set of Instructions:

2 googly eyes:

How to use: :

Pinch a grape-size piece of clay and push it onto your pottery. Using your thumbs and fingers spread it over your item making sure that it’s even. Continue to do this all over until it’s completely covered. :

Top Tips: :

Keep the lid on the foam clay while you are moulding it over your pottery. The longer it is open to the air the quicker it will dry making it tougher to spread. :

Don’t spread it too thickly. If it feels ‘spongy’ the chances are you have too much on that bit - try spreading it out further. :

If you spread too thinly you might see your pottery underneath - simply fill the hole with a new small piece of foam clay. :

Mix colours to make it unique to you! :

We have included some googly eyes to finish off your creation but you can also try using sequins, stickers and marker pens for extra detail if you wish.

Price (incl. tax): £ 12.50