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Polka Dot Pottery Kit

This lovely kit will give you the opportunity to explore and discover designing with dots. If you love Mandala art or simplistic designs or simply struggle to find inspiration for your pottery painting, you will love this kit. Put together with older children, teens & grown ups in mind. Why not plan a family pottery session together and discover your love for dots! There are stacks of fabulous You Tube videos out there to help you with your Mandala designs but the 16 stencils included in this kit will give you all the help you need. What's included? A dotting tool set of acrylic rods, dotting stylus pack, 16 stencils, paint brush set, pallet & storage pouch for your tools. Your pottery selection includes one standard coffee mug, a side plate, cereal bowl, square coaster and hanging heart, 7 bright ceramic underglaze colours and a full glazing & firing service so that your pottery is food safe and fully usable. An ideal present or family activity to pack for holidays. The studio price for this full set would normally be £73 if charged out individually so grab yourself a creative bargain and get dotting. We guarantee you'll love it! Check out some of the photos attached where you can see some sample dotty ideas.

Price (incl. tax): £ 39.50


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