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Paint At Home Pottery Kit - Brights

Our paint at home kits have been designed for use with our pottery range. Each kit contains 7 pots of paint and 2 brushes, a flat head medium brush and a thinner brush for detailing & writing. You can of course mix the colours in your kit to create additional ones. There are a few different paint at home kit options as colours vary. Please select the kit which matches the colour theme you are looking for. For large projects, you may wish to order more than one kit so that your colour options are wider. We always include a pot of white paint as this is really useful for mixing to make lighter shades including grey. Your painted pottery needs to be returned to us for glazing and firing. A set of painting instructions will be included in your kit and we would recommend reading this before you start your masterpiece as there are some handy hints & tips for you. The paint pots are reusable when you have finished so keep any spare paint handy for next time. Paint is non toxic and washable. As a guide, the paint included in each kit is enough to create a design on 2 standard size mugs. If you order larger pieces of pottery, you may wish to purchase additional kits so that you have enough paint to complete your project. Please contact us if unsure before you order. For larger projects, we can tailor-make paint kits to suit your needs. Please note that there is no pottery included with your kit. This is designed to be purchased alongside our pottery range which can be seen on our website. We sell pottery separately because, with a bit of care, most customers will be able to use one kit for 2 pieces from our smaller pottery range. Please ask us if you are unsure what to order. COLOURS INCLUDED IN THIS BRIGHTS PACK ARE: WHITE, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, BLACK

Price (incl. tax): £ 3.95